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Sarasota BathroomIn our quest to offer our clientele the latest in unique, innovative and durable products for the home, Eurotech Cabinetry, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of several new products to our time-tested product mix. After the distributors of these products conducted their own research and visited showrooms throughout the region, Eurotech was selected as the exclusive outlet for these products in the greater Sarasota Manatee area.

Sarasota BathroomWe welcome the introduction of Rachiele Kitchen and Bath Products. Rachiele offers a line of custom designed and fabricated sinks and countertops in handwrought copper and stainless steel. Certified 99.9% pure copper develops a beautiful, natural patina. Copper not only inhibits the growth of bacteria, but also actively kills it making it on of the most hygienic choice you can make for your home. Rachiele also offers several exclusive finishes on their stainless steel products including a unique textured finish. It helps conceal minor scratches and makes fingerprints virtually disappear, effectively eliminating the two most-sited maintenance issues of this popular material. A variety of “apron front” and undermount sinks are available, and they may be integrated into custom metal countertops. All sinks are custom designed and fabricated so special sizes and shapes are no problem. They may even be retrofitted into your existing kitchen or bath.

Sarasota BathroomRachiele also offers a line of “Gemstone Sinks”. Real gemstones such as Amber, Lapis and Turquoise (to name but a few) are pulverized, purified and combined with other natural ores, pigments and acrylic gem resins under extreme pressure recreating the hardness and structural integrity of the original. This reconstituted, stabilized gemstone material is then hand-sculpted, shaped and polished into unique basins and vessels of uncompromising beauty. Too often precious stones are locked away out of sight; why not enjoy yours everyday by including these beautiful vessels in your master bath or powder room?

We would also like to introduce Concetto by CaesarStone (see photo on page 4). Concetto is a handcrafted surfacing material made of semi-precious stones imported from around the world. Gorgeous stones such as Jasper, Carnelian, Agate and White and Rose Quartz, among others, are hand cut and bound together to create one-of-a-kind slabs that are truly a work of art. In fact, each slab is individually signed and numbered.

Sarasota BathroomWhile Concetto offers an unparalleled aesthetic, not to be overlooked is the technology that goes into it. Concetto is almost as durable and low maintenance as it is beautiful. Concetto is presented by CaesarStone, the innovator of the original quartz surfacing material. The patented manufacturing process yields slab goods of extraordinary strength and durability. It is nonporous so it not only resists stains, but the growth of surface bacteria as well. It is “nature perfected”: the ultimate expression of form and function.

The applications for Concetto are as varied as the slabs themselves. It may be used to create the ultimate high-end countertop for your kitchen or bath, inlaid in furniture, or
as an accent piece. Many of the stones used in the fabrication of Concetto are translucent and may be backlit for a truly stunning visual effect. We invite you to see for
yourself by visiting our showroom to view Concetto on display. There is simply nothing else on the market that compares with the stunning beauty of Concetto. And Eurotech Cabinetry, Inc, is the only place in our market that can offer it to you.

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