Sarasota Cabinetry: What’s Different About Today’s Client

Whether looking for Sarasota kitchens, baths or custom furniture, our clients are significantly more knowledgeable than ever before. They know that the kitchen is no longer solely for the preparation and cooking of food, but also a place for the sharing of food, a gathering place and a place to spend quality time with family and friends.

This knowledge is changing our approach.

It is requiring more input from our clients when planning the space, choosing a Sarasota kitchen design, selecting appliances, flooring, Sarasota cabinetry, countertops, as well as window and wall treatments. Our clients are coming to EuroTech Cabinetry, Inc. armed with a great deal of information. Frequently, appliances, flooring and countertops have either been selected or the choices have been narrowed substantially. Additionally, they bring pictures and articles gleaned from magazines, newspapers and the internet reflecting their taste in style, color and design.

They also have been showing an interest in Sarasota cabinetry convenience features, accessories, construction methods and more. For example, today’s clients are now familiar with drawer construction using the dovetail joint or doweling methods as well as hidden undermount drawer guides or top-of-the-line accuride drawer guides. They also want to know if the drawers are made of solid wood and are they full-extension. They want to know what materials the products are made of. Is it particleboard or plywood? Is the interior surface vinyl, melamine or wood veneer? What kind of hinges are being used – do they open the door 90°, 125° or 176°? They are familiar with the different types of finishes; glazing on stains and painted surfaces and different finishing techniques such as antiquing, burnishing, wearthrough, distressing and more.

What does this mean for us, the design professionals? In some ways it makes our jobs easier because some of our questions are already answered in the beginning of the design process. In other ways, it makes our job more challenging. We must be on our toes, knowledgeable of all new products and offerings, and willing to learn even more. We have to be
because today’s client not only deserves it, but insists upon it.

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