Reader’s Choice AWARDS

Sarasota Cabinet

Reader’s Choice AWARDS

Sarasota CabinetEvery year The Sarasota Herald Tribune invites its readers to express their opinions and vote for the local businesses they think are the best. To ensure that the vot-
ing is fair and accurate, the Tribune includes one ballot in each of its home delivered papers and only those that are home delivered. The results are tabulated by an
independent agency.

In 2006 we were voted first place in the “cabinet company” category. For us, the most impressive thing is that this is completely voluntary. Our clients were loyal
enough and felt strongly enough to take the time to participate in the polling and vote for us. What a fabulous feeling it is to be recognized as the best in our field.

This was a team effort. It’s not just about supplying “pretty” kitchens. It’s about great products, beautiful designs, timely deliveries, quality installations and excellent customer services. And I want to thank my staff for making this possible. From the fabricators in the shop, Bill, Kevin, Jay, Larry and Tana, to our receptionist, Nina, to our design associates, Tracey, Tia, Eric and Emily, to our installation and delivery supervisor, Ruth, and to our installers, Paul, Rich, Jeff, Eric, George, Stacy, Chris, Bob, Gary and Paul (the other Paul !!) a big THANK YOU. You help make us who and what we are and what we are is NUMBER ONE!!!

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