Benefits of Custom Cabinets Vs Stock Cabinets


Since you have decided to remodel your house, you need to know that your cabinets need your attention.

They are required at many places in your home: bathroom, kitchen, garage, bedrooms, etc. We encounter them all the time, e.g. while passing by them, using them, leaning on them, etc. But, we take them for granted nonetheless. They are essential for any home since the need for appliances and products has risen with time, e.g. coffee machines, blenders, personal care appliances, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. They not only provide storage, but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the house.

You may have your own reason to remodel your home, but most people do it to up the value of their homes and to get a positive return on investment for their efforts. Thus, when you are looking for the right kind of cabinets, you need to consider your budget, preferred ROI and available space in the respective area of your home. You have two options to replace your cabinets:

Stock Cabinets

The first one is stock cabinets. They are cheaper than custom cabinets and perfect for kitchens that have a basic shape. Getting them is pretty easy and straight forward. You can select a design, and have them delivered and installed in a day. They are available in many synthetic and genuine designs with changeable door styles. They are good enough to meet the standards of semi-customized cabinets.

Unfortunately, stock cabinets carry with them the perception of having low quality craftsmanship, wood quality and difficulty in assembling them. Your return on investment will depend on the quality of the cabinets you acquire.

Custom Cabinets

Your second option is custom cabinets. They are perfect for people who have a higher budget and require maximum customization and exclusivity. Custom cabinets can take up to 60 days from design choice to construction and installation, unlike stock cabinets that can be ready even in a day.

If you have that kind of time on you, then go for the custom cabinets since the craftsmanship and finishing of these cabinets are far better than the stock ones at any time. And they last much longer. You can have your personal good-to-haves added to the custom cabinets, e.g. sliding doors, wine coolers, humidifiers, or any creative element that you always wanted to have.

Which Cabinet Style Should You Choose?

The ideal cabinet style for you depends on the architectural design of your home. If your home is small, or has slopes or turns at unexpected places, then you are limited for options in stock cabinets. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, will be built as per the style and size of your home.

Kitchen remodeling with custom cabinets will always get you a higher ROI, be it any region. Those like Arizona Custom Cabinets will get you the highest returns in home investments. As mentioned earlier on, investment in home improvement is a byproduct of what you get from the finished product.

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