Planning your kitchen? Here’s how you should do it


Designing the perfect kitchen is very important since prospective buyers will look for its improvement as the very first thing.

The layout should be right

You should begin by evaluating your space, measuring it and then creating a precise floor plan. The layout of your kitchen will depend on the space you have available, but make note of the following before visiting a kitchen designer.

Is changing the current layout an option?

There is no need to stick to the old layout if you are taking down the units installed earlier. But, if the space is limited, you may have to make do with what you already have.

Where to begin?

  • Make note of where the existing doors, windows, power points and pipes (in and out points) are.
  • Draft a sketch of how you would like the worktops, doors and appliances to be, using the measurements at hand. Make note of any services which may need changing.
  • Know that the location of services or structural features will add to the total cost.
  • Toy with multiple combinations of designs till you find one that you are satisfied with and can show to a kitchen planner.

Are there any practicalities to keep in mind?

Yes. You need to keep making note of the functions of the kitchen and including them into your plan. The four main functions of the kitchen are: prepping the food, cooking it, serving it and then washing up later. They will have to be addressed at any cost. Make sure that these four get ample space, storage for related products and appliances.

The ‘work triangle’ should be created, i.e. the cooler, fridge and sink should be kept in a triangular form. Sinks usually go under the window due to proper access to plumbing. Avoid cupboards above it to prevent banging heads. A dranining rack for utensils or plates can be added.

If you are going for a fitted kitchen and are not too confident about the layout and design, consult three kitchen companies to help you make the floor plan. Consider the following:

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