Top Kitchen Trends We Saw in 2017


Unlike most kitchen cabinet companies which limit size and configurations, our kitchen cabinets are truly custom. We provide kitchen cabinets in any size, configuration, style, color, species and finish. Our designs are based on the specific shape and size of your kitchen and how you want it to look and work.

Many kitchen components are subject to fads and fashion – here are some of the hot trends that we saw throughout 2017.


Light and Simple

Light and Simple

Cabinets in shades of White or off-white are endearing and versatile. This style has been known to be in cottage style homes, traditional and even modern kitchens as well.




Efficiency kitchen


As mentioned before, we pride ourselves for the custom work we do in each kitchen. Every home is different, from size to shape and efficiency in the kitchen is key. Storage options are plentiful, including pullout trays, bread boxes, and narrow spaces that would otherwise have false cabinet fronts utilized as customized spots for pans.





Customized Drawers

Customized Drawers

Custom. Custom. Custom. That is a key word in EVERY project we endure. Cabinets and drawers now conceal custom features. Drawer inserts can be setup to hold dishes, silverware, or cutlery. Inserts are customizable and help to maintain a clutter-free kitchen.



Glass Front Cabinets

Glass-Front Cabinets

Use glass-front cabinets to give the eyes a break from wall-to-wall cabinetry and create display space for collectibles, pretty dishes, and glassware. Add a few glass colors to your current kitchen design to create a light and fresh look.



Built in Appliances

Built in Appliances

Technology is everchanging and we are seeing that with today’s appliances as well – they’re more intelligent and efficient, but that doesn’t mean they’re grabbing the spotlight in today’s kitchen. You may find the fridge is hidden behind the cabinet doors at the end of an island to maintain a cohesive look. This has become a very popular trend in kitchens and we plan to see more of this in 2018


These are just some of the hot trends in kitchens as we move in to 2018. Check out our gallery of custom kitchens as our designs revolve around the specific needs and tastes of each individual client.


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