I am often asked if lacquered (painted) cabinetry will hold up over time.  Will it last as long as stained wood cabinetry or plastic laminate (Formica) cabinetry.  The answer is “yes, no and maybe”.  Regardless of the type of finish, the most important consideration is the quality of the cabinetry.  High quality cabinetry is going to last longer than low quality products.  How well the cabinetry is maintained by the owner is another important factor. 

Some of my clients are worried that painted cabinetry will chip or discolor.  I have a 20 year old kitchen which has both maple wood and high gloss lacquered cabinetry.  The kitchen is heavily used (cooking is my wife’s hobby).  We included our kitchen in a fund raising kitchen tour for the Junior Orchestra when the kitchen was 16 years old.  Many people on the tour could not believe that the kitchen was 16 years old, they were sure it was new.  Why?  Two reasons: the cabinetry is a high quality product, Artcraft Kitchens from Canada and we take care of the cabinetry (no small kids in the house, cabinets are cleaned and cream polished regularly).  Bottom line – if you want painted cabinetry start with a high quality product and take care of it.  If you do, it will take care of you too !!