Saraota Cabinets – Before And After Cabinet Shots Let You Imagine The Results

This site has a wonderful new feature – before and after pictures that show you what this company can do to your kitchen. These pictures show such a dramatic improvement that you can’t even tell it’s the same room. You may find yourself clicking back and forth several times thinking it’s a mistake!

It’s no mistake. The company has added this feature so that you can see exactly what they do. Here’s how it works:

The site shows a photograph of a drab, ordinary but not-too-bad kitchen and dining room. When you click on either arrow at the bottom of the image, it shows the same room after they’ve gotten ahold of it. The changes that have occurred are just incredible. Clicking on the arrows further shows you more detailed parts of the room so you can see more.

While this is a fun feature that you can spend hours looking at, it has a more important function. By showing the exact work they can do, it helps you visualize a similar transformation in your house. This gallery gets you thinking about what you can do.

It also shows you the quality of their work. It truly is outstanding. It’s like they’re offering their portfolio to show you that they do top-notch work. After looking at this gallery, you know that this is a company you can trust with your renovation.

One word of warning though – You can get stuck on this site forever looking at different rooms! They’ve got a lot to look at here, so get a cup of coffee and get comfy.

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