Sarasota Magazine – Latest Kitchen Trends


Latest Kitchen Trends, Sarasota Magazine

Sarasota Magazine caught up with local kitchen connoisseurs to discuss the latest in kitchen trends. Our very own, David Asher was interviewed and commented on some of 2021 hottest kitchen trends.  Read David’s comments below and be sure to check out the full article in the link below.

  • “Open shelving looks good, but it’s subject to dust and oil from cooking and needs more cleaning. it’s form versus function.”
  • “For a lighter palette, Rift white oak showcases a very straight grain pattern.”
  • “No one wants to see grout lines,”  Plus, “a seamless path from countertop to backsplash is easy to clean and has a polished look.”
  • “Most of our clients are moving away from a double sink to a large single sink with attachments like a grill in the bottom. Some have cutting boards or salad dishes incorporated into them for extra food prep space.”
  • Cabinets with channels instead of pull hardware are the chic option. “Now we’re doing them where the channel matches the cabinets—or you can do a contrast too, with something like oak,”