Eurotech Cabinetry Inside the Beacon In Sarasota, Florida


Eurotech Cabinetry Inside the Beacon In Sarasota, Florida

The Beacon, a proposed nine-story condo development at 1243 2nd St., will feature full-floor condos with each condo having its own indoor pool.

Luxury condos in Sarasota typically are located on the water with unobstructed views of either Sarasota Bay or the Gulf of Mexico.

The Beacon’s view corridor will include Sarasota Bay, but also the skyline of downtown Sarasota.

Each unit will have 24-foot ceilings and the feeling as if you are walking into a cathedral.”

The two single-floor condos will have 12-foot ceilings, but the duplex condo below the penthouse will also have 24-foot ceilings on its first floor.

The number of units in the project is atypical for condos in Sarasota.

There will be only four condos in the project. The first two will be about 3,800 square feet on a single floor. The other two condos will consist of two floors and have about 7,500 square feet of indoor space.

Plans to break ground sometime this fall, possibly September or October, depending on the permitting process.

The project’s single-floor condos have been sold, The penthouse is for sale for $5.7 million and the other condo is for sale for $4.95 million. The cabinetry will be supplied by Eurotech Cabinetry in Sarasota, Florida.